How To Increase Mobile Battery Life / Capacity

Hello friends! Are you upset with your smartphone battery too! Do you want to increase the battery of your smartphone, in fact at present, almost every smartphone user wants to increase the battery.

But technically it is not possible for us to double the battery backup of the phone, that is, we cannot increase the capacity of our phone's battery. But after reading today's article till the end, you can increase your battery-backup by making a slight change in the settings of your smartphone. The battery-backup tips that are being mentioned here, all these tips work on all smartphones.

Turn off notification
Friends, today we use many apps for various tasks on smartphones, due to which, repeatedly we get notifications of these apps. Due to which the battery of the phone starts down.

So, apart from only useful apps, you can turn off notifications of other apps from the phone's settings. And turning off these devices after using wifi, bluetooth etc. can improve the battery lif…